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Among the most popular in plastic surgery is breast augmentation, and finding the implant you want or should have can be a difficult decision. Therefore, we are here to guide you through the different methods and decisions to be made before booking an operation.

You who want firmer, taller or bigger breasts and are thinking about "breast augmentation"? Breast augmentation has become a collective name for a procedure that makes the breasts bigger but which with today's different methods can also mean different things.


  • Price: From SEK 42,000

  • Operation time: 30-60 min

  • Perceived pain: 8/10

  • Anesthesia: Anesthesia

  • Time at the clinic after surgery: 120-240 min

  • Recovery time at home: 1-7 days







Mentor implants have been around for many years now and strive to mimic natural but fuller breasts as much as possible once they sit in such as appearance and feel, but technology has also developed better implants that result in minor complications, such as rippling.

The implants are available in different variants:

  • MemoryShape

    • Has a teardrop-shaped and natural feeling like a natural breast

  • MemoryGel

    • Has a round shape with a natural feel

    • Has about the same feeling as the breast's own breast tissue

    • Gives a full and firm look and feel

  • Saline - Round

    • Gives a full and firm look with a prominent gap

  • Saline - Spectrum

    • Can be corrected size when the implant is in the breast

    • Gives a full and firm look with a prominent gap



Motiva is one of the market's most innovative breast implants right now because Motiva has a larger selection of implants to meet the expectations that patients and plastic surgeons have to get a successful result.

The implants are available in different variants:

  • Ergonomix

    • Imitates natural breast tissue for as real and comfortable a feeling as possible as a natural breast

    • Available in the standard round shape and oval shape

    • Oval shape is adapted for women with longer or wider breast profiles

  • MotivaRound

    • Has a round shape with ProgressiveGel Plus

    • Designed to provide a balanced firmness and complete fullness

  • Anatomical TrueFixation

    • Drop-shaped for a more natural look

    • Smooth surface



A new and innovative lightweight implant that weighs 30% less than regular implants but still retains its shape, volume and feel.

The implant contains a new form of patented gel that will make the quality of life better for those who choose to undergo breast surgery. There will be less wear on the back, breast tissue and skeleton with these implants

The benefits of B-Lite implants:

  • They put less pressure on and strain tissues and reduce the effects of gravity as a woman's breasts age

  • They reduce the dynamic forces on the breast tissue, leading to less stretching during dynamic movements

  • They offer more comfort in everyday life

  • The patient can have the desired larger breast volume with a lower total weight

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