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You can feel safe when you book an appointment with us, regardless of whether your visit is for cosmetic surgery, aesthetic beauty treatments or sampling for Covid-19.

All our staff have been tested for Covid-19 without signs of infection while maintaining a high standard of our personal protective equipment.

The staff at Stockholm Medicus already uses both mouth guards and protective gloves, but the company's management has chosen to also update with face visors and half masks according to P3 class.

We only work on condition that we are completely healthy and take extra measures to ensure that there is no spread of infection in our premises. All surfaces are washed as usual several times every day and our instruments are sterilized in extra processes just as we always did.

If you feel ill, we advise you not to reserve an appointment. If you have a booked time in advance, please read our general terms and conditions extra carefully.

You are welcome to buy a gift card or book an appointment later.

We follow developments closely and take the authorities' recommendations very seriously. If you have questions about our protection work, you are welcome to contact us.

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