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Information GDPR and confidentiality

Every time you contact us, we register personal information about you in order to secure your identity during your visit with us, to establish your identity when issuing Medicus Monthly Invoice and to avoid confusion with third parties. The personal data is needed to be able to provide good, safe and secure care. The personal information is also used to follow up our business and to get a picture of our customers' health. The two laws that regulate the handling of your personal data in our operations are the Patient Data Act and the Data Protection Ordinance (GDP).

How do you process my personal data?

We are required to keep a patient record regarding each patient. The patient record can, for example, contain personal data such as the background to the care, information about the diagnosis, performed and planned measures and information about when and who made the note in the record. Your personal data is needed and processed in order to provide good and secure care, as well as for operational and quality follow-up. Some of the personal data must also be reported to national health data registers and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. We have the right to register your personal data in the patient record and health care register even if you have not given us your consent.

As a customer with us, you have the opportunity to book an appointment via our website, via email or telephone. To provide you with this service, we collect your name, email and telephone number. The processing of your personal data is necessary in order to fulfill the agreement with you and to fulfill legal obligations incumbent on us in our capacity as caregivers.

The contact information is stored in our patient record system in accordance with the provisions of the Patient Data Act.


Duty of confidentiality and confidentiality

All personnel in the health care system - both public and private activities - already have a duty of confidentiality. This means that all information concerning your personal circumstances, such as medical history or treatments performed, is protected by confidentiality and may as a rule only be disclosed to others if you have given your consent. As a rule, this also applies if the authority makes inquiries about you.


How long do we keep your personal information?

There are clear rules in the Patient Data Act and the Data Protection Ordinance for how we are to preserve or thin out your personal data. According to these regulations, for example, personal data in a record document must be preserved for at least ten years after the last personal data was entered in the document.

We use security-classified IT systems to protect the confidentiality, your privacy and access to your personal information. We have thus also taken special security measures to protect your personal data against illegal or unauthorized processing (such as illegal access, loss, destruction or damage). Only those people who actually need to process your personal data in order for us to fulfill our stated purposes have access to them.


Who gets access to your personal information?

There is strict confidentiality for information about our customers' health or other personal circumstances. We will therefore not disclose your personal information if we are not obliged to do so as a result of laws and regulations (eg to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control) or if we have received your express consent to such disclosure.

This does not exclude that we may use providers who process your personal data on our behalf in accordance with written agreements and our instructions. The provider who has access to your personal data is not given any right to use your personal data for purposes other than the purposes stated in this patient information.


What rights do I have?

Take a look at the patient record

As a patient, you have the right to access information that is in your patient record. You also have the right to receive a copy of all or parts of the patient record.


Get your personal information corrected or deleted

If you have a dissenting opinion in relation to what is stated in your patient record, or believe that a statement there is incorrect, you have the right to have this entered in your patient record. To have information removed from your patient record, you must contact the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate (IVO) at to have this tested.


Get information about accessing your patient record

All readings of electronic patient records are registered, this is called logging. As a patient, you have the opportunity to receive an extract from the log, ie a list of those who have looked at your personal data.


Block information in your patient record

Before information is made available to another care provider through coherent record keeping, you must be informed of what coherent record keeping means. Note in this context that in order for another care provider to be allowed to process your information, your consent is required. If you do not want your medical record information to be electronically available to other care providers, you can request that the information be blocked in whole or in part for electronic access. You should then be informed about what consequences this may have for your care, for example that you yourself must tell the care staff what they need to know to give you good and safe care. You should also be aware that the lock can only be placed in an electronic journal, not in a journal that is only in the paper cage.


Objection to treatment

You have the right to object to certain personal data processing that we perform with the support of a public interest. You must then specify which treatment you object to.


Withdraw your consent

If you have given your consent for the processing of your personal data, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. You can revoke your consent by contacting us at the contact details below. However, see above under the heading "How long do we retain your personal data".


Complaints and damages

You have the right to submit a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data to us or to the Data Inspectorate at any time. If personal data about you has been processed in a way that is contrary to the Patient Data Act and the Data Protection Ordinance, you may be entitled to damages.


How do you use your rights?

If you want to use any of your rights, you are welcome to contact us at the contact information below. If you want to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, please contact the Data Inspectorate at .


Consent marketing mailing

If marketing mailings are made from us, you can through a link in the e-mail / SMS sent, let us know that you no longer wish to receive these mailings. No further mailings will then be made to your e-mail address / mobile number.

You will still receive the mandatory booking confirmations and reminders of booked time.


Who is responsible for personal data?

Stockholm Medicus 556783-1598 is responsible for the processing of your personal data according to this patient information.


How do you contact us?

The clinic's operations manager is responsible for data protection issues. If you have any questions about this patient information, the processing of your personal data or how you can exercise your rights, you are welcome to contact us.


Approval of privacy policy

By approving our privacy policy in connection with our confirmation of your booking, you agree to our handling of your personal information.


Other recipients of personal data

Personal information may be shared with related companies, if required for continued handling of booking history and customer contact. If this happens, you will always be informed of this, with the possibility of having your personal data deleted at the related company.


Change of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. The current conditions are available on the following page:

It is important that you take note of and understand the privacy policy and feel safe in our processing of your personal data. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions.


Greetings from Magnus & Maria

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