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More volume with water-based body filler

What is the body filler made of?

How long can you expect results?

How does the procedure work?

Among the most common questions we get about the voluminous body filler from Los Deline is what it is made of.

The simplest answer is water-soluble proteins.

The body filler, which is used to fill in the breasts, buttocks and hip dips, is hydrophilic.

In short, this means that it is partly water-soluble, unlike other voluminous body fillers on the market, and partly not dependent on tissue fluid to expand.

Los Deline is, in short, a completely sterile, non-toxic and synthetic biocompatible body filler.

The body filler is completely compatible with human tissue and resembles your own body fat once it is injected.

By using microorganisms, three different polyamides can be created in a biosynthesis where the proteins are used to catalyze, ie increase or decrease the rate of the chemical reaction.

These 3 harmless polyamides, which occur mainly in Bacillus Subtilis are called poly (γ-D -glutamic acid), poly (ε-L -lysine) and multi-L -arginyl-poly (L -aspartic acid) and contribute, among other things, to the long shelf life of the body filler.

Protein-based polyamides used in daily care can and should not be confused with PAAG read Poly Acrylic Amid Gel.

Los Deline® voluminous, injectable semi-permanent implants are manufactured in accordance with the latest science in modern aesthetic medicine.

Clean and safe raw materials together with a patented formula and production technology make the body filler from Los Deline® a unique, volume-giving product.

The level of safety is very high, the body filler is medically approved and is revised in the same way as other semi-permanent implants every two years.

The superior method gives you as a customer the opportunity to get an almost perfect appearance, completely without surgery, without the traditional scar tissue, the long recovery time or the risk of the many complications associated with silicone implants.

The procedure is also not as traumatic as with traditional breast augmentation with silicone implants because the gel is injected through a single needle stick in the skin, with a thin needle which minimizes the risk of damage to the tissue.

Immediately after the end of the treatment, you can leave the clinic after the obligatory sandwich.

Only 24 hours after gel injection, you can then return to their daily activities provided they do not involve strong physical elements.

Studies conclude that you can expect at least 50% effect after 3 years and 30% effect after 5 years.

Are you interested in a consultation visit? Contact our reception via, +46 8 218 518 or book via our website.

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